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    360° design of the industrial product and interior spaces.
    Art direction and business development.
    A win win approach with our clients.

    / Product development

    We select appropriate materials and techniques to produce models and prototypes which ensure the object can be seen, touched and altered as required. Rapidly effected additions, variations and improvements enable design propositions to be visualised clearly as they evolve.

    / Engineering

    Carried out with and for a business, with the aim of rationalising and optimising the productive process. Product engineering and all-round assistance through to production is directed at ensuring profitable sales, reduced manufacturing and investment costs and effective sales price positioning.

    / Art Direction

    Favaretto&Partners successfully carries out comprehensive consultancy services for industry. Our long international practical experience and know-how in a variety of fields, gives us the breadth of vision and expertise in transferring knowledge and techniques from one sector to another. Our specialist services include: new product planning, strategic and technical aspects of production management, technological innovation and the development of new market opportunities.

    / Interior Design

    Designing of residential and public spaces. The activity includes the study of the location, analysis and research of furniture to be inserted, through inspirational moods and market research, with the possibility of making customized furnishing elements, all of these to answer to the briefing and customer expectations.


    Paolo Favaretto, recent graduate and architect, starts his business as Studio Favaretto.

    In the same year Paolo Favaretto designs the Agorà chair, still in production today.


    The first collaboration with a foreign client.


    Paolo Favaretto receives the international Product Design Award from the Institute of Business Designers USA for PowerBeam Desk, the first example of a desk with extruded and wired supporting beams.

    In the early years of the century national and international partnerships continue to develop.


    Designer Francesco Favaretto, after working in Canada, returns to Italy and decides to team up with his father giving new life to design studio Favaretto&Partners.

    Favaretto&Partners starts a partnership in Toronto & Shanghai, appointing the first on-site manager.


    Through the year the Studio was awarded 17 international awards, bringing the total to as many as 84 awards to date.


    Favaretto&Partners celebrates the 45 years of the studio.