The comfort and the strong formal characterization are certainly the hallmarks of this relaxing armchair.
At the same time the body design give people security as in the arms, and ensure the maximum comfort thanks to the soft goose down cushions, which also create a warm feeling for the environment.
The various components that support the seat body make it possible to place the ``UFO`` in a variety of environments.
Being a comfortable lounge chair could create social space where it's possible interact with other people during a relaxing break.
The UFO can be easily adapted thanks to the wide range of finishes as well as upholstery with ethically certified european fabrics like Kvadrat and Camira.
Recycled foam, water painted wood non-toxic are features that emphasize the quality of the product and environment respect.
UFO is not an extraterrestrial, but it is certainly a complementary piece of furniture that stands out and is remembered for his notable personality.
The purpose is to improve the quality of life through a cozy seat to make the user experience unique and comfortable.

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Giuseppe Brigato