The Trench Collection is the first collaboration between Favaretto & Partners Design Studio and Nienkämper. The exclusive collection is inspired by the time-honored craftsmanship and material selection that characterize the world of luxury cars. Following vintage style, but always looking to the future for modern lines, Trench pays homage to the exacting design and meticulous detail of the same opulent textures, forms, and finishes of classic luxury cars from the 70’s. The seatback takes center stage; the inside back has distinctive pleats to create an instantly recognizable aesthetic that’s bold and subtle at the same time, while the thoughtful stitching of the upholstered armrest adds additional visual interest and style.
Elegant and sartorial, Trench is the perfect combination between hand-tailored craftsmanship and the industrial design process. Its profile is ergonomic and clean, and its synchronized mechanism offers dynamic movement and adapts to the weight of the user, offering exceptional soft-seating comfort. Thanks to its distinctive styling, Trench is an ideal addition to any contemporary interior.

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Marco Rossettini