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    The Tondina family, designed by Favaretto&Partners, fills with elegance and delicacy with the arrival of Tondina Fat.
    The rounded shapes of the new armchair recall those of the chair of the same name, and wink at the models of the past, with the addition of contemporary design and materials. The frame, strengthened by a new 22 mm rod, delicately supports the seat and backrest; the latter have a generous 6 cm padding, which invites you to sit down and gives the seat a well-proportioned and welcoming look.
    Tondina Fat is versatile and can be adapted to many contexts, from elegant dining rooms to offices and waiting areas. The wide range of fabrics and colors available, combined with numerous frame finishes, allow for countless unusual combinations.
    The Tondina Fat collection consists of a small armchair with or without armrests, and a stool in bar and kitchen heights.

    Name :

    Tondina Fat

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    Project assistant :

    Alessandro Piccolo