Metissage collection is a melting pot of cultures, tastes, travels and interactions that had accompanied us over the last two years of world exploration. The updating and actualization of lantern, as inspiration, it comes from the sophisticated decorative effect of the glass, called sublimation, that is digitally printed. Metissage lamp, melds together simple and classic and “no time” forms, with the futurist idea for printed with latest digital techniques. This collection (suspension two side and applique lamp) combines the essential exterior architecture with a lighting ‘effect’ given from the glass pattern. The flexibility of Metissage is not given only by dimensional modularity, but it is especially given by the ability to choose the design of the glass, so planning your own custom pattern and thus having a own personal custom-made lamp. There are three graphic patterns initially available: one created by Francesco Favaretto and two designed by Louise Jones, Australian designer.

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Marco Rossettini