Chevalet is an armchair that, while it may present seemingly rigid look at first, it is actually remarkably comfortable once seated. The seatback, uncommonly tilted forward, personifies its image and at the same time gives it an enveloping characteristic and a level of comfort when you sit down, thanks to the internal metal structure and elastic belting. Even the armrest, soft and slightly open outward, improves relaxation. The seat body with foam padding is supported by two solid wood flanks, made using numerical control machinery, and affixed the seat body using keyhole hooks that attach to the pins welded to the metal structure and embedded in the foam. The final result is an armchair with great stability.
The high-quality sartorial finishing along with upholstery with removable lining makes it an attractive piece for the home, in the office and in the hospitality sector.

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Giuseppe Brigato

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Studio Auber