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Brand: Slide
Material: EcoAllene, polyethylene

“The most versatile, colourful and green butler!”

#plastic #ecoplastic #butler #teatable #complement #recycle

Ambrogio is the most versatile, colourful and green butler you have ever met. In four brand new colours, 100% cool and recycled – Plum Purple, Grapes Blue, Saffron Yellow, Avocado Green and Coconut Grey – Ambrogio is ready for any “service”: in a residential setting, in a shop display, in a store or in any setting that needs a helper ready to support anything you want!
Ambrogio loves the environment: for the first time, we use a new kind of plastic material, named EcoAllene, associated to a design object. EcoAllene is 100% recycled materials, wich gives a second life to the plastic present in Tetrapack boxes, otherwise destinated to incinerators or landfills.

width: 42.5cm
depth: 38.5cm
height: 60.5cm
weight: 5Kg